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Self Defense Keychain

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Resin and glitter self defense keychain. Can be customized in any color, in glitter or non glitter finish, with color coordinating keychain hardware. These are great gifts for college students, late night workers, or anyone wanting extra protection.

Pizza will come as shown 

Ice cream you can select color of Ice cream scoop, please leave in customization box above add to cart


Self defense keychains are a convenient, easy way to protect yourself from a potential attacker, while also looking like a stylish accessory when not in use. To use our self defense keychains, (Pizza) simply slide your index and middle fingers through the “eye holes” of the keychain like you would a double ring, and aim the pointy ends toward your target. Ice cream hold ice cream scoop and proceed to jab. Self defense keychains are best used in the “tender” areas of the body.

As with all things handmade, each one is unique and may have tiny flaws 

Care instructions - do not clean with anything containing alcohol, not dishwasher safe, is subject to breakage with rough use.